Our dough is made fresh from the finest Italian flour producing a soft, light crust with an exceptional taste. All of our pizzas are hand stretched and cooked in a Granite stone oven. Our sauces are made from the finest vine ripened tomatoes and topped with selected cheeses, meats and fresh vegetables, herbs and spices. We use Arbequino extra virgin olive oil and sea salt when seasoning our pizzas. Each pizza is hand-crafted using the techniques learned from our Master Pizzaiolo at Scuola Italiana Pizzaioli in San Francisco, California.

At AppleStone Pizzeria we strive to create and enhance extraordinary flavours, ensuring an unforgettable food experience every time.

Meet Mike

Like a lot of small businesses, Applestone was born out of passion. Our restaurant opened in 2012 by founder and long time Pizzaiolo, Mike, who was no stranger to the Burlington food scene. Before opening his own pizzeria, Mike owned and operated a franchise for one of the "other guys" (...which we obviously can't name here).

After many years, Mike became dissatisfied with the low quality products provided to him by the franchise, and the focus on profits over a great pizza-lover experience. It was his desire to provide the Burlington community a classic Italian style pizzeria, where only the freshest and finest ingredients are used.

He then packed up and headed to the Scuola Italiana Pizzaioli in San Francisco, California to master the art of Neapolitan, Classic Italian pizza and American style pizza. Upon his return to Canada, Mike began preparing for his future kitchen, a perfect location and developing an outstanding menu using new and old techniques. Eventually opening his doors to the public.

We invite you to come try our pizza for yourself! It is our passion and craft, and we'd love to share it with you!

How Do We Make Beyond-Compare Pizza?

We start with only the best quality ingredients which begin with the crust. Our dough is made from "00" Italian flour, the finest flour that produces a soft, light crust with an exceptional taste. We let our dough go through fermentation and maturing process for at least 48 hours. By following this process it allows our dough to be more digestible. Simple ingredients without additional leavening agents is the secret to exceptional tasting pizza dough.

In order to accomplish the ultimate goal of perfect pizzas, you need good sauce. Our pizza sauce is a rich base sauce with real crushed tomatoes and fresh herbs and spices. Within our sauce is a hint of tomato skins which adds texture and eye appeal as well as fresh flavour. The tomato skin holds a great amount of nutrients like carotenoids (which acts as antioxidants). Not only does Applestone provide excellent flavor, but cares and strives for great nutrition too!

In order to make great pizza, we need exceptional sauce and dough, we also need the freshest and finest ingredients. At Applestone Pizzeria we use a premium dry cured pepperoni, perfectly grilled chicken and our prosciutto that has been aged for 18 months. Aged prosciutto adds the ultimate flavor when topped off with fresh arugula, balsamic reduction, aged Parmigiano Reggiano and Mascarpone cheese thus creating an Applestone original Arugula Prociutto Mascarpone pizza. Our vegetables are never frozen and are prepared and inspected daily to ensure luscious and succulent toppings.

Awards & Recognition

  • Burlington Post 2014 Reader’s Choice Award: Pizza Restaurant (Platinum)

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